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The owners of Mr Trusted are Manorus (Mano) Ambarita (Right) and his business partner Made Indrawan (Left). Both are dedicated professionals; not only achieving their business goals, but also exceptional quality, customer service and satisfaction. Both Mano and Made have each had more than 10 years of extensive experience in villa and property management, property renovation and construction and customer service.

The Mr Trusted team’s extensive knowledge and experience of the unique challenges that could be faced when doing a property project in Bali will ensure you comfortably navigate the many pitfalls that could arise. 

About Mano


Originally from Sumatra, Mano has had a long and successful career in villa management, with a focus on operations and excellent customer service. He has been educated at GSP International Tourism Academy, Jakarta and achieved a Diploma III in Hotel Communication and Public Relation (PR) June 2003 – June 2007.

Mano is dedicated to fully applying himself to any work he undertakes and has continually developed his skills in all areas of my work, whether it be within a team, individually, or within a leadership environment.

Although always smiling and fun, Mano is an honest, dedicated and hardworking professional at all times. Mano has a unique and strong creative streak, and can rapidly master any new task he undertakes. He is always organised and well presented and has a desire to expand his skills by continuous learning. Mano’s peers, co-workers and team members have found him reliable, trustworthy, efficient, friendly and willing to work at all times.

Mano has a passion for providing exceptional service and positive experiences, and has continually worked on personal development in order to provide a brighter future for himself, his team and exceptional value and service for his customers.

About Made

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